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About The YAC

The Newnan Youth City Council (NYC) is a program of the Newnan Youth Activities Commission (YAC). The YAC was established in March 2008:

(1) To establish the Newnan Youth City Council, which serves as a forum to assist the YAC in determining the needs and concerns of the youth of the City; to expose and educate the City's youth to the operations of their local government; and to assist the City's youth in dealing with issues affecting them in the creation of a better city, county, state and nation in which to live and raise families in the century ahead.

(2) To develop plans, to sponsor and to coordinate with other organizations appropriate youth programs, activities and events in the City of Newnan and to present such plans as a recommendation to the Mayor, City Council as often as may be mecessary to insure orderly development of a plan for planning, sponsoring, and coordinating youth programs, activities and events with the assistance of the Newnan Youth City Council in the City of Newnan.

(3) To assist and coordinate its activities with the City staff, other organizations and the public to insure a successful youth program in the City of Newnan.

(4) To elicit volunteer assistance from the members of the residential and business community to accomplish its duties and responsibilities.

​General Information

The Youth Activities Commission is made up of 14 appointees of the Newnan City Council. These appointees manage the youth council. The regular meeting of the YAC is the Thursday prior to the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the 2nd Floor Conference Room at City Hall.

Founded March 28, 2008


Who Are We?

The Newnan Youth City Council was established in 2008 to provide governmental leadership training and opportunities to high school students in Coweta County. They are the official youth voice and ambassadors for the City of Newnan.


The mission is to create a vehicle to give the youth training in public service, community service and leadership. There are 9 areas the Newnan Youth City Council should address:

• Understanding local government

• Understanding community issues

• Understanding effective communication

• Understanding and exercising leadership

• Appreciating differences

• Team building

• Conflict management

• Setting goals and effective decision making

• Fun!

When Do We Meet?

The Newnan Youth City Council (NYC) meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm in the Richard Bolin Council Chamber Room at City Hall.


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